Is Your Business I-9 Compliant?

Many employers assume that they are in compliance with the INS guidelines for collecting and maintaining their employees’ I-9 documentation.  But are you sure?  Here are 10 quick “Do’s and Don’t’s” as it relates to I-9 documentation.  Some of them may surprise you! DO – require all new hires to complete Section 1 on their first…


“Day Without Immigrants” Causes Backlash For Some Employees

Last Thursday was “A Day Without Immigrants”, and in solidarity, numerous cities across the country were the stage for protests. walkouts, closed businesses and days missed from school. While on the surface, this protest like others, served as an opportunity for many to express their right to march and protest against potential legislation that may possibly…


Postponed FLSA – There Is Still Action To Take!

This time last month, just about everyone who had employees was sweating bullets over the looming FLSA new law deadline, that is now past and….not in effect (yet!)  So what does this mean now?  Employers don’t have to do ANYTHING?  Not quite!  Although the new threshold for salary is not currently changing, there are still other…



HRPro4You, LLC Launches New Website!

Over the last several months, I’ve been working hard on some new and exciting developments to share with Career Professionals and Corporate Clients.  And TODAY I’ve got such exciting news to share.  HRPro4You, LLC has a new website! As a business owner, you’ll learn all about how to #EmbraceHR – and what it means to…


Olympic Logo

3 Things Businesses Can Learn from the Olympics

Well it’s officially over.  The summer Olympic games of 2016 have concluded and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programming, which is already in progress. Over the last few weeks, the world has witnessed some truly amazing displays of athleticism. We’ve all watched these talented athletes, often with baited breath, compete on the world’s…



Why Businesses Need to EmbraceHR

  If you are a small to mid-sized business that is struggling with going from plateau to profitability, HR could be one of the aspects of your business that needs so “love”.  EMBRACE IT!! Listen to my podcast with Lisa Anderson, Strategic Business Advisor with Anavo Transformation Solutions and learn how your business can EmbraceHR…


How to Avoid the 5 Firing Mistakes

It is probably one of the most difficult things to do as a business – firing an employee. Regardless of the reason why, it’s tough (and often emotional) to have the conversation, but it is a part of business. Believe it or not, terminated employees often end up in court suing their former employer for…


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Company Policies…do you know the rule of thumb?

There is no doubt that we are a technology driven society – we send emails, scan, (fax…?), tweet, chat, connect, like – we do a lot.  And companies have had to adopt technology as a part of the internal business process for not only efficiency, but to remain relevant and to keep up with competition…